Top tavel tips for your jewelry

Photo by Andrea Rose

Photo by Andrea Rose

With the holidays creeping closer, travel is on the horizon for many of us. If you’re flying home to be with family or driving a few hours away to be with that someone special the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a jumbled mess of jewelry.   As a bit of a traveler myself I wanted to share some fast & inexpensive way to travel without the chaos.


1. Necklaces: To keep your favorite pendant necklaces from jumbling and making a knotted mess a straw is now your new best friend. Wear bulkier necklaces? Keep on reading.


2. Earrings: An awesome storage for earrings both with hoops or posts are all those extra buttons that come with your new coat that you have laying in a junk drawer some where now have a use.


 3. Rings: Ringing in the new year? I  personally have a deep seeded love of Orbit gum and find myself with half used packs everywhere, in my purse, the car, my desk at work, and out of a moment of sheer desperation (not wanting to fly with my rings on) I found the most perfect place to temporarily host my rings Note: if you prefer you can always use cotton balls to take up additional space in pack to keep rings from moving around oh and the choice of gum is up to you as well.


4. Watches, bracelets, & bangles:  Got you jingle jangling? Use ribbon, a twist tie from the grocery store or even dental floss to tie them together, keeping your arm candy nice and organized. (This works for bulkier necklaces as well only secure them in two or three sections.)


5 A sealing plastic bag such as Ziplock can hold multiples of these all together in you’re carry on or purse and you’re ready to fly. (As a personal opinion when flying much like your medication I feel you should always should keep your valuables with you on a plane.)


I’d love to hear if any of my five suggestions worked for you — and, of course, see what awesome tips you have to add to the list.  If you know someone who could use a travel tip or two please share.


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